Our story

We are perfectionists to the fingertips, and always strive to refine and develop our craft.

The heritage

Our tale begins with Karen Blixen's "Babette’s Feast": Babette is a french refugee, who agrees to work as a servant, in a religious family, in a conservative society. One day she wins the lottery and wants to pay back to the society that raised her, and offers to cook a French meal for them. Through fantastic food, she manages to create an almost euphoric vibe, which loosens up the pressured and conservative mood. 

For more than 30 years the founders of Restaurant ‘Babette’, Vivi and Henrik catered to parties, from the intimate dinner in private, to huge parties with more than 3.000 people - but no matter the size they have always been known for precision, humility, stability and great hospitality. As a restaurant Babette has been awarded 'Restaurant of the year' two times and has been a gastronomic flagship at the danish food stage for decades.


Carrying the legacy
of Babette

Babette the servant chose to prioritize one last perfect meal to her guests. As do we. Therefore we are taking the Babette name on a new journey. A journey that isn't confined by the standards of a restaurant, but a journey which is tailored to the individual host or guest's needs.

Precision, humility, craftsmanship and great hospitality will continue to follow Babette into your dining room, garden etc. 


We have 30+ years of accumulated experience in the fine dining industry

Headchef & Partner


Born in 1996, trained chef from the French Cuisine at Restaurant Babette


  • Headchef & Partner, Babette (present)
  • Consulent, Bocuse d’Or Danmark (2020)
  • Captain Danish national team (2019)
  • Commis, Bocuse d’Or Danmark (2017—19) 
  • Chef, Falsled Kro (2017)

Competitions / Merits

  • Bocuse d’Or World Cup 2019 (Gold & Best Commis)
  • Berlingske Top 100 talents (2019)
  • Bocuse d’Or Europe 2018 (Bronze & Best Commis)
  • Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017 (Bronze) 
  • Denmark Worldskills draft 2017 (Gold) 
  • Danish Championship for students 2017 (Gold) 
  • Chef Oympics in Erfurt 2016 (Gold & Silver) 
  • Mad:id 2016 (Gold) 
  • Danish Championship in Skills 2016 (Gold) 
  • Chef of the year, Asst. 2015 (Silver)
  • Jéres, Sherry & tapas contest 2014 (Gold) 

Headchef & Partner


Born in 1990, trained chef from the French Cuisine at Henne Kirkeby Kro


  • Headchef & Partner, Babette (present)
  • Consulent, Falken food consult (2017—21) 
  • Chef, Kong Hans Kælder* (2018)
  • Bocuse d'or candidate (2016—2017)
  • Headchef, Kadeau Bornholm* (2015—16) 
  • Asst. headchef, Kadeau Copenhagen** (2015—16)
  • Souchef, Kadeau Copenhagen** (2014)
  • Souchef, Nimb Louise (2012)
  • Chef, Svinkløv Badehotel (2011)
  • Souchef, AOC** (2010)
  • Chef, Henne Kirkeby Kro** (2010)


  • The Fat Duck*** (2009)
  • Noma** (2008)
  • Kong Hans Kælder* (2007)
  • Brdr. Koch (2007)

Competitions / Merits

  • Bocuse d’Or World Cup 2017 (10th)
  • Sol over Gudhjem 2016 (Silver)
  • Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016 (10th)
  • Sol over Gudhjem 2015 (Gold) 
  • Bocuse d’Or Denmark 2015 (Gold) 
  • Chef of the year 2014 (Gold) 
  • IKA Junior Culinary Olympic 2012 (4th) 
  • IKA Junior Culinary Olympic Hot kitchen 2012 (Silver)
  • IKA Junior Culinary Olympic Cold kitchen 2012 (Gold)

Impact & Sustainability

Small fish big, responsibility

We cater to lots of people every year, which leaves us with a big responsibility. We have carefully selected our partners and make sure every ingredient is traceable all the way to the initial origin, and with a sustainable agenda in mind. We always strive to select local ingredients and our fish comes from the wild and are gently fished with respect of the ecosystem and Mother Nature.

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