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Do you need a very special setting for your next occasion? Let us tailor a moment for you in our private dining room.

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Relax and sit back, while we cater to whatever need or dream you might have.

Babette's feast

Our story begins with Karen Blixen's "Babette's Feast". Babette is a French refugee who agrees to work as a servant, in a religious family, in a conservative society.
One day, she wins the lottery and wants to pay back the community that raised her, offering to cook them a sumptuous French meal. Through this, she manages to create an almost euphoric atmosphere, which loosens up the pressured and conservative atmosphere.


If you have an important business meeting that requires a very special and discreet setting, our private dining room is ideal.

Special occasion

Some moments only come around once in a lifetime. When your celebration needs that special something, we've got your back. To us, pressure is a state of mind that we thrive in, so no ambition or expectation is too high for us. Let us help you relax, and enjoy your special moment.

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