Babette's Feast

Our story begins with Karen Blixen's "Babette's Feast". Babette is a French refugee who agrees to work as a servant, in a religious family, in a conservative society.

One day, she wins the lottery and wants to pay back the community that raised her, offering to cook them a sumptuous French meal. Through this, she manages to create an almost euphoric atmosphere, which loosens up the pressured and conservative atmosphere.

14 servings & wine pairing

Crispy vegetables with lovage dip

Gillardeau's no 4.
Blood orange & olive oil

Löjrom & lightly whipped smoked cheese

Comté & Iberico ham

Ceps Crisp
Veal tartare & confit ceps

White & green asparagus in velouté
Pistachio & osietra caviar

Sole au crouton
Spinach & parsley

Danish black lobster Consommé 
Lobster ravioli & shiitake

Vibygaard lamb
Pepper sauce & morels

Cheeses from Auvergne, Jura & Burgundy

Rhubarb & Hibiscus "Pavlova"
Wild strawberry sorbet & yogurt

Pâté de fruit
French Comice pears, bergamot & cardamom

Chocolate caramel
Honey & almonds

Cannele Bordelaise 

DKK 4500 per person incl. VAT